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Clint and Joy Ballard

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Joyful Heritage Health is a Journey

Everybody knows essential oils are trendy lately, but there is only one company that has 21 years of results. Young Living is the industry leader because at it's heart, it is a farming company--not a product peddler. It's crop is 'Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance'. The 'Seed to Seal' commitment shows the level of quality in all their products; essential oils, nutritional and sports supplements, dietary aids, weight management, and non-toxic home and personal care items. Test the difference for yourself.

As leaders for Joyful Heritage team, we believe 'Health is a Journey'. Every day holds the opportunity to make a step toward, or away from a state of natural health. Our goal is to educate and empower people to make small, effective, economical changes to achieve health. Being a Young Living Wholesale Member has been a remarkable experience. This business has provided us with the ability to spend more time doing the things we enjoy - like Cooking, Chemical Free Home DIY projects, volunteering in the community, Home schooling our kids, bee keeping, gardening, and anything-everything outside. Better still, it has given me the chance to help a lot of people - both with their finances and health. These products work wonders for so many people, making this an opportunity anyone can be successful with. If you'd like to learn more about increasing your family's wellness and/or earning extra income as a Young Living Wholesale Member, I’d love to speak with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!

This is a short explanation for why we focus on learning and teaching about wholesome local food, productive exercise, and toxin reduction.